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Drug for Ischemic Stroke Raises $15.3 million

25 October 2018
Primer Capital’s portfolio company, Acticor Biotech (France), has closed a $15.3 million Series B round of financing from European and Asian investors. This funding will enable the company to finance the first Phase II of its antithrombotic drug for the acute phase of ischemic stroke. Primer Capital invested in the previous round, which was raised to conduct a Phase I clinical trial.

ACT017 is a unique antithrombotic drug with a favourable safety profile being developed by a French company Acticor Biotech for the treatment of the acute ischemic stroke. The drug has minimal contra-indications and can be used as an emergency treatment within a longer time frame than the existing solutions.

This round was led by Newton BioCapital (Belgium), followed by Mirae Asset Capital (Korea), CMS Medical Venture Investment Ltd. (Hong Kong) и A&B (Hong Kong) as well as CapDecisif Management.

Acticor Biotech has previously raised €3,9 million in Series A, including investments from Primer Capital, other funds and private investors. The funding was used to conduct a Phase I clinical trial and to prepare for the Phase II.

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