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Startup Tour 2018

Startup Tour 2018

7 March 2018

60 proposals were submitted as part of the Skolkovo Startup Tour in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, of which 17 were approved for a face-to-face review. There were projects from Sakhalin, coastal cities and Yakutia. Interestingly, most of the proposed projects relate to geological exploration and improvement of construction material quality, which makes sense considering the region’s location and the nature of activities taking place in the area (‘Sakhalin-1’, the first international oil development project in modern Russian history, operates in the north of Sakhalin, and the first modern LNG plant operates in the south, in Aniva Bay).

Fortunately, there were also startups for Primer Capital’s expertise: development of a non-invasive immunological test system for early diagnosis of renal failure after cardiac surgery, student development of a neurostimulator, as well as special cushions for office chairs with a fitness app to maintain a correct posture.

On the first day of the Tour, I took part in one of the sessions with a presentation about the tasks of a startup to be monitored on a constant basis. I considered the investment prospects of projects in the light of technological, marketing, regulatory, financial, business and corporate risks. On the second day, I was on the jury selecting the winners, who were finally invited to the Startup Village to be held at the beginning of June 2018.

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